My App Journey
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My App Journey

Moksha – Liberation on the App Store (

My App Journey

By Johanna GB Jackson

For the past two years, I have been developing a mobile app with the intention to inspire

and remind people of their own magnificence.  Well-being is our birthright and for most

of us we have forgotten that so now it is just a matter of remembering.  The app is

called “Moksha” – which is Sanskrit for “liberation”.  Why did I choose that word?

Because we all want freedom from suffering.  We want freedom from beliefs and

thoughts that no longer serves us.  

This app is for those who are receptive to the messages and signs of the universe. We

receive them all the time if we stop and listen to the whispers.

Moksha is here to inspire and remind you that you are an amazing child of the universe.

 Moksha can help you change your old programming. Ultimately, change is

accomplished by what you surround yourself with. Being immersed with positive

influences is essential to lasting success. Functionality of Moksha includes a library of

inspirational quotes, daily contemplations & fun features like push notifications at

symbolic time 11:11AM Est. You can also add your own words of wisdom by adding

your own personalized quotes and share them with the Moksha community if you

choose to do so.

The app was released in the App Store for iPhone (Android version to come) on my

birthday, March 27th! I’ll never forget that day. My 10-year-old daughter, Grace, had her

little hand on my hand the moment we hit the button to release it. She also wrote my

first review! She’s even a quote contributor! It’s important to me as a single mom to

show my daughter that we can follow our heart’s calling and go after our dreams. It’s

taken me a long time to come to this realization myself.

So, I guess I’ll start at the beginning of my journey which lead to me where I am today.

I’m a first Generation American. My family came here from Chile. My parents left Chile

because at the time there was a lot of political upheaval and they wanted to give me

and my sisters a better life. I wish I could say it was easy when we got here, but it was

not. I came from a household that was full of limiting beliefs and programming like fear

and a scarcity mindset. I didn’t have good examples of healthy relationships or even

healthy mindsets. But there was always a little voice inside me that just watched the

chaos around me that said, things don’t have to be this hard. When you are in this type

of environment you basically grow up very fast. So, the moment I graduated high school

I was out on my own. Life was hardly peaches and cream once I moved out. Because

now I had all that programming that I had to deal with. I moved through life seeing that

unhealthy programming unfold in front of my eyes. But I didn’t really know how to

change the direction of my path so that I didn’t make the same mistakes my parents did.

It wasn’t until I got married and went into couples counseling that I was shown healthy

ways of thinking and being. But the real catalyst for my change was the birth of my

beautiful daughter, Grace. I knew that parenting was a tremendous privilege after tying

so many years with medical intervention. I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew that she

was watching and learning from everything that I was doing and saying. So it was at

that point that I wanted more for her and me out of life. And just as they say that when

the student is ready the teacher will come. That is when I started learning from various

therapists, mentors, authors, and teachers along the way. I was learning new ways of

thinking. I started to see how this world is full of unlimited possibilities. I’m truly grateful

for the wisdom they all shared with me. I would definitely say I’m a seeker. A seeker of

universal truths. I get very inspired and motivated by other people ‘s wisdom and now

my own internal guidance system. I have post-its all over my computer with inspirational

quotes and sayings. I will pull cards often from various stacks of inspirational decks. I

just love to surround myself with these things because they remind me of what I

deserve and what I am capable of. So fast forward to the last few years. I will have to

say that I am not a very techy person. But I do appreciate it. I for one love my phone. I

use my phone for so many things. I use it to change the heat setting on my house. I use

it to set up my security system. I use it to keep track of my grocery list. I use it for so

many things that enhance my life. I started looking for an app that would also enhance

my emotional and mental wellbeing by sending me push notifications of inspiring

quotes, messages and thoughts to contemplate. I personally think that we get

messages all the time from the universe if we are open and receptive to them. So, I

wanted a random message to come through my phone. But I wasn’t really finding what I

was searching for. There was a saying that kept popping into my head by a first century

Jewish Scholar named Hillel the Elder. He said, “If not you, then who? If not now, then

when?” So, I decided to create it.

One of the things that I have learned in life is that this universe is working for me and

not against me. So, I come from a belief that everything I need flows to me and comes

to me at the very perfect time. So, the people, places, things will come to you in the right

time and in the right order. And that has been my experience on this app journey and

continues to be. That is how I met my amazing talented App Developer, Jagnaudh

Bhatia. He has been an integral part to this amazing journey and I couldn’t be happier

with our collaboration.

Now I feel it’s important to mention that some people were not the most supportive of

my idea and quest. This didn’t surprise me. Because even though some people have

the best intentions, they can sometimes project their own fears and doubts unto you.

But I believe it’s not my place to convince anyone of anything. My efforts should go

towards my goal. And that is what I did. I focused on my app and just took it one step at

a time.

I truly love being a part of creating something new. I’ve done this on the animal welfare

front as a cofounder of a successful shelter in my state and as a leader in mindfulness

in a Fortune 500 company. It’s exciting to be a part of something bigger than yourself

and work with likeminded people towards the same goals. Then to see things manifest

and unfold is also the best part. I just love it.

I’ll never forget when this idea was finally becoming a reality. I got the approval email

from Apple it said now you have the opportunity to reach a global audience. Wow I

thought! That sentence made such an impression on me. Because I always want

anyone that interacts with me to benefit from our interaction and my desire is that they

will be elevated from our interaction but that no one will ever be diminished because of

this interaction with me. And now I have an opportunity to interact with people around

the globe! This was really exciting. Now I can spread positivity to inspire and motivate

others around the world through their devices! How cool is that?!

I’m very excited about this app. Because not only do I get to share inspiration and

positivity from the collective wisdom that is all around us but it is also giving people an

opportunity to share their wisdom with others too if they want. If there was ever a time

to spread positivity, it’s now! And Moksha is here to help with that!

To download the app click on the link below.

Moksha – Liberation on the App Store (

Johanna GB Jackson, Owner


Jagnaudh Bhatia, App Developer